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How much jail time will i get for getting arrested for theft and cocaine possession while on probation for a DUI in Georgia ?

Bainbridge, GA |
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You could get the entire balance of your probation revoked and spend the rest of your sentence in jail. You need to retain counsel to help with your defense.


You're currently in jail and have Internet access? Things are very different in county jail in CA. You need a criminal defense attorney to help deal with these serious charges and the probation violations. Good luck.


Picking up new charges, at least one of which is a felony, is a clear violation of your probation. You will serve jail time -- maybe the balance of your probation -- then you have to address the new charges. Something you need to know: You can win or have the new charges dismissed and your probation can still be revoked! For these reasons, you need to lawyer up ASAP.


Retain an attorney as soon as possible. You need the help of an attorney.

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