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How much jail time will a sex offender serve if convicted?

South Bend, IN |

I'm curious as to how much jail time an individual will have to serve if they have confessed to a crime. I'm involved in a case that happened to me and am just a bit curious since the individual that had been molesting me admitted to it when confronted and is now in jail waiting for a court hearing.

For more info, I am not the only one. I was in my 12-16 years when it happened and another boy was around 7 or 8 when it happened.

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Respectfully, any specific answer would need more information then you posted. The sentence would depend on the grade of the offenses that he pled to or he was convicted of, the prior record of the perpetrator, and other case specific facts that you may not be aware of. The best way to get a more specific answer is for you to contact the prosecuting authority and ask to speak to the person prosecuting the case. Good luck.

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