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How much jail time for first time offender grand theft auto in VA?

Falls Church, VA |

I rented a car and let someone drive it and car was not returned. The person I let drive denies it to the fullest and will not return car.

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Virginia does not have a crime called "grand theft auto." Virginia law generally refers to stealing offenses as larceny - and then separates larceny into misdemeanor larceny (petit larceny) and felony larceny (grand larceny) depending on the value of the property stolen. The act of stealing a car generally falls into the Grand Larceny category because of the value of the car stolen.

If you are convicted of the felony offense of Grand Larceny, you may be incarcerated for up to twenty (20) years.

However, even in the limited information you provided, I see possible avenues of defense which suggest that you may not be guilty of any crime at all. Of course, in order to fully pursue these matters you are going to need the assistance of an experienced Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer.

DISCLAIMER: This answer is provided as general information and is not to be considered legal advice, nor does it constitute the creation of an attorney-client relationship.

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