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How much jail time do you get for child support warrant? Can you get out on bail?? Is it better to turn yourself in??

Toledo, OH |

The cops came to my house today looking for my boyfriend on a child support warrant

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Attorney answers 2


I think these are all questions that can only be answered by an attorney who practices criminal defense. The court consideres many factors when sentencing people, setting bond, etc.


The best way to handle an outstanding warrant is to hire an attorney. First it depends upon the reason why the warrant was issued. If you failed to appear for a court hearing, then a lawyer might be able to convince the judge to lift the warrant and reset the hearing date since you are now represented by counsel. If you were sentenced and failed to later report to the jail facility, then you should probably just turn yourself in and get the time over with.

If this is a contempt for failure to pay child support, this would not be a criminal case since those cases are prosecuted in the Domestic court.