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How much is the average cost for an assault n battery lawyer?

Los Angeles, CA |

1st. First Offense.
2nd. Happened in Las Vegas
4rd. Person assaulted was a security guard.
5th. Ticket states "unlawfully use of force against another person..."
6th I was intoxicated.
7th. Person i assaulted claimed i've socked him, but i don't remember doing that.

Will i be looking at any jail time?

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If this happened in Las Vegas, you'll need to look for an attorney licensed in the state of Nevada. You may want to repost this in the Nevada criminal section to make sure it gets picked up by them.

How much will it cost? I don't know - that's between you and the attorney you hire in Vegas to represent you. Costs can vary, depending on your lawyer's experience, whether or not it is going to trial, how bad the reports read against you...


Mr Dane has provided you with a sound assessment that you need to follow up on. Get in touch with several Nevada licensed lawyers and discuss the issues you raised and the answers given by Mr Dane before your Court date. Good luck.

DISCLAIMER I do not practice law in your State. This answer is provided solely for informational purposes only. This answer does not constitute legal advice, create an attorney-client relationship, or constitute attorney advertising.


You should properly post this in the Nevada section, furthermore most criminal defense attorneys offer consultations at no cost... i would suggest that you contact a few immediately and seek to discuss your case with them.

This site also features am attorney search by field of law and by state, i would suggest that you may also run a search for attorneys in that area and seek to contact a few through this site.

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