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How much is an average case settlment for ADA case in wisc.

Schofield, WI |
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The value of each case is determined on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances surrounding your claims. Depending on your claim, the analysis may include lost wages and benefits, out of pocket medical expenses, and interest offset by earnings you may have had since the termination. Only an attorney who has reviewed your specific claims can provide you with an analysis of the value of your case and a reasonable settlement amount.


Every case is unique on its own depending on the Plaintiff, the wages earned, etc. This question cannot answered without at the very least knowing what your lost wages were for the time period and if you have found subsequent employment.

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You could go online and have a jury verdict research company get verdicts and settlements for you for a few hundred dollars or so. I usually do that for my clients before mediation, especially if it will take a lot of money to fix and repair the harm to my client

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