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How much freedom does a father have to seeing his child when he's abusive to mother and child? no marriage

Tinley Park, IL |

father signed custody rights to mother, now after 8 months demands to see daughter, supervised visits started 2 months ago. Now father wants unsupervised visitation..Father was abusive to mother and child, no police was contacted for fear that situation would get worse.

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If there is a court order for supervised visits then he is the one who would have to file with the court and go to court to change them from supervised to unsupervised. I think it is highly unlikely that will happen but if he tries you should have an attorney represent you.

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Too many facts are missing. Is there a finding of parentage? Is there an order for visitation or custody? If not, then a court order is needed. If so, perhaps a modification of that order might be needed. History of abuse toward mother may be irrelevant, but toward child is not. However, proof will be required. You do not indicate whether you are the father or the mother or someone not a party, but regardless of the answer, each parent should consult with one or more attorneys for more specific legal guidance and advice.


You haven't provided enough information for an answer to this. I would recommend going to talk to a lawyer in person and retaining one.


It's unclear whether you are the mother or father in this case. Regardless, if there is already an order for supervised visits in place, the father would need to file a motion for unsupervised visitation and the court may order that.

I suggest you seek an attorney's counsel on this issue immediately.

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