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How much force can be used for a arrest?how much force after cuffed?i was thrown into rocks and slammed against the hood and fen

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i was pulled out of car by cop n thrown into the rocks,i was dripping blood from my hands and wrists,then after cuffed slammed against the hood of a truck.there are records that i was givin a towel at police station to clean up and band aids.i then vomiited 30 times in a row from being slammed into the truck in my abdominal area.i vommited blood a few times.after arraignment i was taken to er for pain in my abdomin.
also the co-d was arrested and cuffed by a differant officer,he was not bleeding and he was not slammed against the hood of a truck..also do i have to file a complaint first before i can file a section 1983 lawsuit???i can also show how the officer is a liar from important omissions in his report.

hood and fender of truck.......criminal charges have already been taken care has been one year since date of incident.

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You need to speak with a civil rights attorney in your area right away. Most work on a contingency. If the criminal charges were dismissed, you might have a claim.

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Based on the few facts that you have provided, you should consult with a local civil rights attorney at your earliest convenience. Best of luck to you.