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How much for salaried non-exempt overtime pay?

Redmond, WA |

I am a service manager at an apartment complex. I am classified as "salaried non-exempt." My employment terms state that I only get paid at half time for overtime work. I thought that I was entitled to one and one half times my regular hourly rate for overtime. Does the fact that I'm salaried mean that my employer can pay me only half time for overtime work?

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Washington law requires that hours above 40 in one work week must be paid at 1.5 x the normal rate of pay. This can be tricky to calculate for salaried workers, but usually vacation pay, sick time, personal leave and similar types of benefits are excluded for this purpose, although they may not be for other purposes (care must be taken not to transfer statutes and regulations applicable to workers' compensation and unemployment to wage and hour issues). The best quick resource on this is found at: You may want to bring this to the company's attention, as it could be a typographical error. If not, they could be in violation of the law. Place your observation in writing, such that is you notice any retaliation, the causal connection is clear.

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