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How much federal tax will I have to pay on a $5,000 inheritance from a deceased friend?

Seattle, WA |

I live in Washington State, and I believe there is no state tax (please confirm this), but I would like to know how much I can expect to pay on a federal level. I should be receiving this inheritance in December '12 or January '13. Thank you.

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The recipient (here, you) of an inheritance pays no federal income tax on the amount. WA currently does not have a state income tax.

Unless the decedent has an estate worth several million dollars, it is unlikely that the decedent's estate would be paying any taxes relating to the decedent's estate.

If you are receiving some sort of needs-based public assistance, your qualification for the public assistance may be affected by receiving the money.


Probably nothing. Inheritance/gift tax is paid by the estate and not by the receiver. Consult with a local tax professional who can evaluate your situation in its entirety.


At the federal level, estate tax is paid by the estate not the recipient, unless it came from an expatriate. If you received money from an expatriate, then you may have to pay tax. See IRS Publication 950 for more info on the federal tax aspects.

There is no personal income tax in Washington State. The estate pays the estate taxes.

I am only licensed in WA State. This is only my general observation about the law and my experiences as a practicing attorney. This is not legal advice and should not be construed as legal advice. This does not create an attorney client relationship. If you wish to obtain legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship, then you should directly contact a lawyer licensed in your state who you believe possesses the knowledge and experience to assist you with your case.


Washington has a state estate tax but it does not have a state income tax (yet). But the answer is the same under Washington and Federal law. The receipt of an inheritance is not income.