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How much does it usually cost in total in lawyer fees to file for bankruptcy?

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I need to file for bankruptcy. I am afraid to even start the process because I'm afraid the lawyer fees will just make my situation even worse. How much are these fees usually?

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Fees vary from State to State, District to District, but you should not worry. Find an attorney who will dot he first interview for free. The vast majority of bankruptcy attorneys charge a fixed, set fee. They do not charge by the hour. Call someone and ask for a quote. They are often given over the phone.


Fees will vary depending upon the complexity of your case and the attorney you choose. In most cases, it is worth the cost of hiring an attorney. You can schedule a free consultation with most attorneys. I would recommend that you do so--and ask the attorney how complex your case is, on a scale of 1-10.

If your case is very simple (personal assets of less than $20,000, below state median income for your household size, no real estate, no old tax debt, etc.) and you are willing to spend the time to educate yourself, then you may be able to get the forms from the court's website, review the filing instructions on the court's website and file the case yourself. However, if there are any more complicated issues in your case, then I would strongly encourage you to get the assistance of an attorney.


Fees are negotiable and vary depending on how complete your documentation requested and how accurately your income, expenses, assets, debts, bank statements, tax returns, business records, pay stubs, support obligations, back taxes, law suits, real property transactions, trnasfers, payments, etc....

Est. C7=$1000-$2000
Est. C13=$3000-$6500
or complex matters, non-core proceedings, $375/hr
Adversarial Proceedings for FDCPA,FCRA,Stay violations, Discharge violations =contingency

C7 court fees = $299
C13 court fees = $274

Credit counseling =$25-$65
Debtor Education = $25-$50

I use Springboard and both counseling courses costs
are incorporated in my basic fees, generally. But depending,
each Debtor each a separate consideration.