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How much does it cost to take a car out of the impound after a dui?

Sacramento, CA |

my friend was arrested last night for dui she will be getting out in a few hours. she doesn't have a license nor is she a citizen in the usa and the license plates on the car are expire. can anyone help me?

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Attorney answers 3


Call the police department that had her car impounded. They will tell you what she needs to get her car out of impound. Whose car is it? Does she have any other warrants out on her? You are going to have to deal with the DMV, possibly the Courts to get this resolved. Each day the fee increases for the impound yard. An attorney might be able to assist you deal with some of the issues. Eventually, if everything is cleared up, the police dept will give you a release slip to bring to the impound yard. You then have to pay them. At times, the car is worth less than the impound fees.


I agree with the first answer given. Contact the police or the impound yard where the police hold cars and find out what they want to release it and then go there with the title, registration and money to get it out of impound.

Good luck.


fees vary depending upon the length of time the car is in the impound lot