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How much does it cost to have a DUI expunged from my record?

Bardstown, KY |
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I am assuming that you qualify for a DUI expungement. In Kentucky, the general rule is that you must wait five (5) years from the date of conviction to expunge your DUI record. In general, you can only obtain an expungement for one misdemeanor and only if you do not have any criminal convictions before or after the DUI conviction.

However, I am aware that in at least one county, this rule may not apply as the local county attorney offers a diversion of the DUI charge and expunges the record after two years if you meet all of the requirements of the diversion program.

If you hire a local attorney in the county of the conviction to expunge your record, I estimate that it will may cost you $250 to $750. While most Kentucky counties permit you to expunge your own criminal misdemeanor record, I strongly encourage you to hire an attorney to perform this service since it is still up to the judge as to whether to grant the expungement and because attorneys tend to have the experience to present a successful argument to the court to convince the judge to grant the expungement.

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Shouldn't cost too much for an attorney (less than 500). There may be a filing fee of less than $100 though, depending on the court.


Not much and it is very well worth the money. Hire an attorney, and if you really cannot afford do it yourself, but definitley do it. Please visit website. TY

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