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How much does it cost to get a misdemeanor expunged off of your record that happened in 2008?, Do I need a lawyer present?

Petersburg, VA |

The misdemeanor is for petit larceny and what is the minimum years for you to get it expunged

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Convictions cannot be expunged


You need to explain what happened in 2008. If you plead guilty or were found guilty, it will not be possible to get an expungement, with or without an attorney. Expungement in VA is a question of whether you were actually innocent of the offense.
Please provide more information.

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Sounds like an expungement in VA is difficult. I suggest you consult with an attorney there and see if you have any options.


There is no minimum waiting period to petition for an expungement. If the charge was nolle prossed or you were found not guilty, you are eligible. Dismissal of the charge may be eligible for expungement.

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