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How much does it cost to fix papers to in immigrant and what are the things you need?

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Assuming that the person is eligible for an immigrant visa, the government fees will depend on whether the person is adjusting their status in the United States or at a consulate in another country. To adjust status through a family member in the United States can cost anywhere from $1490 to $2490 in application fees and more if a waiver is required. For someone to process from abroad the fees are normally from $738 to $1323 if a waiver is required. These fees are not necessarily all payable at once and may be in stages. However, in order to know which process to follow and exactly what the fees involved will be, I recommend that you meet with an attorney in your area who can evaluate the situation and give you an accurate account of the fees involved in the case. Good luck!



thanks.what about if im a daughter trying to fix my dads papers and he is in tijuana mexico can i still fix him papers or is better for him to get married and get papers?



what if a guy is trying to get papers and his ex got Welfare with out asking the guy will that affect him from getting papers?


A lot more facts are needed in order to answer your question. Not everyone is able to "fix their papers." The person will need to qualify.


Attorney Mulder is correct, you haven't told what papers you want fixed.

Talk to an attorney, many of use Skype.

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