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How much does it cost to change a deed on a house to my name? And what do I need?

Fort Worth, TX |

The house is paid for all the taxes are current.

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It would probably cost no more than $150 plus filing fees (~$30).

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You need to consult with a real estate attorney. Google "real estate attorney" plus your city name and you will get a list of several attorneys that practice real estate law. The real estate attorney will need to know who's name the property is currently shown as the owner in the county real property records. If you have a deed showing the current owner, this will help your new real estate attorney and should save you money. If the real estate attorney has to do research in order to find out who the current owner is, it will cost you more. The current owner has to be willing to execute a deed transferring the property to you. The real estate attorney will charge you between $150 and $300 to draw the new deed depending upon how much work he or she has to do.

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The cost is fairly nominal for the mechanic's of the deed and name change. You may be able to use a quitclaim deed, a copy of which you can find at the following web address:

But, you really should retain a real estate attorney to evaluate whether changing the titled owner is in your best interest, and to determine the best method for doing so. A small investment in an attorney can avoid a lot of problems later.

Since you are in the Dallas area, you may wish to take advantage of my free hour of consultation for new clients. If you make an appointment, please bring copies of your pertinent paperwork.

Good luck.

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