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How much does an immigration lawyer charge?

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My husband and i are tying the knot next year. He's here on an expired visa. We've saved for the wedding, reception and some costs we will incur with immigration to make him a legal resident. We also might have to hire an attorney to make sure all goes smooth... from filing, to legal advice for documentation and interview, all the way 'til he gets his conditional LPR card. How much do we expect to spend on this attorney? (indicating a price range is what we're looking for)

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Since you are looking for a lawyer to represent you and pricing may be an issue, it would be good for you to talk to a number of lawyers and see what they ask and what services are included in their pricing.

A lawyer's fees will normally factor in location of his practice, difficulty of the case, services provided to the client, lawyer's experience.

One cannot tell you how much you will spend except in the area of filing fees. Telling you how much you may expect to spend on lawyers' fees could expose a lawyer to violation of the antitrust laws.