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How much does a private attorney cost?

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If a public defender has to much cases to run and is not focus on one's case how do you fired your public defender for a private attorney. Do you just find a another quick is this process.

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You should be able to terminate your representation for any reason. You will likely need to provide consent to the court to do so. The public defender may be able to help file a motion for him/her to withdraw. If you have the funds and find a private attorney they can work with the public defender to get your file and continue with your case. How much does it cost? depends on your charges, pending dates for court, risk involved with taking the case, and experience of the attorney.

You can start here on this site to find an attorney. Try the bar association lawyer referral service as well:

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Retaining a private lawyer after a PD is an easy process. Once you have reached an agreement with the new attorney then all they have to do is file a letter of representation and a substitution of counsel form and you are good to go. This can be done in a day.


You can hire a lawyer at any time. The moment you hire the lawyer, he/she can begin working on on your case.There is a wide variance in what it costs to hire a private arttorney. The cost can vary based on the charge (most attorneys charge more for murder than DUI for example). In some cases, you may be able to retain an attorney for as little as $1,500.00 (although this will probably be only a down payment). It is not unusual to have to pay $15,000.00 or much more.

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