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How much does a divorce cost?

Monroe, LA |

I'm seeking advice about a divorce

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You might go to the local Legal Service Office and see if they can find a pro bono attorney (a lawyer who donates is time and skill for free). Divorce is not a primary goal for the legal services office so they probably will not be able to help you. You may find a new lawyer who can do it for several hundred dollars. The court cost are going to be about $300.00. You could prepare the paperwork your self and file them yourself but there are many details that you have to know about and if you do it wrong you may end up without the divorce you are seeking. If you have a minor child, you can file under Civil Code Article 103 after being separated for 365 days (1 full year). You might ask the Ouachita Parish clerk if they have a form for this. The Clerk can not provide you with legal advise so don't ask them for legal advise, they can only provide you with advise as to the procedures you have to go through. You might get a phone number for the Ouachita Parish Bar Association and they could recommend an attorney.