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How much do i expect to get offered from 6% impairment rating to whole body and a 14% impairment rating to my ankle

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This question cannot be answered without knowing your average weekly wage, your temporary total disability, your current work status, and how many weeks you have been paid already. This guide, or one of our other guides, might help you:

Keep in mind that just because you are given a rating to the whole body, you might still be limited to the scheduled injury. This has been a hot topic in our courts lately.


It depends (lawyers always say this but it's true). Have you met with an experienced workers' comp attorney yet? It's the best way to make sure you're fully compensated for your injuries. Feel free to call me if you need a referral. I'm licensed in Illinois but I can recommend a colleague in your area. Initial consultations are usually free. 1-800-807-9530. Good luck.


If you are a Federal Employee who was injured on the job and suffered a permanent partial impairment to your lower extremity due to an injury that arose out of and in the course of employment, you should know that the OWCP does not pay schedule awards for the whole body but only for the parts of the body listed in the schedule. You can find the schedule at 5 USC 8107 and in the Regulations posted at 20 CFR 10.01 et seq. The OWCP is about to publish proposed new regulations so the rules may change next year. You may also want to look at the appropriate sections of Chapter two and Chapter three of the Federal (FECA) Procedure Manual.

The schedule awards are not a settlement. You can collect a schedule award and then, if disability remains, go back on time loss compensation, and you can collect a schedule award and wages or a CSC pension at the same time.

The schedule award is not paid on the ankle but on the lower extremity. A leg is worth a maximum of 288 weeks and the award will include non employment, pre-existing conditions to the leg. It may include subsequently acquired conditions as well. This issue of subsequently acquired conditions is still to be litigated.The award is computed by using the Sixth edition of the AMA Guides. The pay rate is your pay on the date of injury, the date disability began or the date disability recurs. The schedule award will begin on the date of maximum medical improvement. A schedule award that runs more than one year may entitle you to a CPI increase the following March 1st.

You should get help from a lawyer or a union steward or you can telephone your OWCP claims examiner. If you live in Washington State, the OWCP office that handles your claim is in the 1111 3rd Avenue Building, Suite 650, Seattle.


You should hire an attorney that handles these cases.
If you need a referral, feel free to contact me.

Good Luck!

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