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How much detail should I put on a SC-100 form in support of my case.

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Help!!! My exgirlgriend stole my bank account(s)information and has been paying her credit cards via ACH by phone and /or online.

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As much information as you have.
Robert Driessen

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Thank you for your reply... One more question please.. Can i request on the sc-100 form for her to bring her credit card statements and bank statements so the judge can see her cc statement will match my bank statement and no record of payments on her bank statement?


Provide a brief description of the crime. Practice writing it a few times, making it clearer and clearer each time. Do not "vomit" up a million facts that are irrelevant. It is disrespectful to put too many facts down, as if you are saying, "I don't know what is relevant, so here it all is - you figure it out." Do not do that. You will anger the reader.

Include a reference to your bank statements and highlight in yellow those transactions that your ex is responsible for. Be sure to emphasize that you did not consent or agree to her use of the funds and that you certainly want the money back. I trust you have contacted your bank to file a fraud report and if you have not, please do so. Good luck.


Whatever information you have!

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