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How much can I expect to pay an attorney to represent me for Harrassment and disorderly conduct misdemeanors?

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A letter was sent to a friend of mine from a woman who had had an affair with my friend's husband. I sent it via email to her employer as she is a massage therapist having an affair with a client. I also sent it to her and her daughter via fake facebook accounts. I had threatened to send it to her church as well but I didn't send it there. My motivation was so she knew that the letter was out there and I used fake accounts to protect the person who shared the letter with me. I did call her a slut in one letter - hence the disorderly conduct count??

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Attorneys fees depend upon multiple factors, best assessed in an initial interview - which is free with many criminal lawyers (including me). I caution against posting detailed information about a case on a public website, since there is the potential for it becoming evidence in court against you. Again, the better practice is to meet with a criminal lawyer at the office to discuss it all confidentially. For now, avoid speaking with police about this - even if you have already done so. And, avoid consenting to any searches, including of your phones, computers, home. A criminal record can be costly year after year after year, and normally will be there forever. The best that can be done is to prevent a guilty plea or conviction now.


My first piece of advice is to no longer post any details of your case online. These posts are not protected and you don't want them being used against you later on down the road.

As for the cost of an attorney, this would best be answered by directly contacting a local attorney. Most attorneys aren't going to list their fees on this site (it is actually against the site's rules). You may want to contact a few attorneys to see who is the best fit for you.


I recommend that you do not post any admissions or confessions on line. As for attorney's fees, they will vary depending on the attorney's experience, the complexity of the case, whether trial is necessary, venue of the case and the client's expectations. I would expect you will find fee quotes generally in the $2,000 to $5,000 range.


The best way to find out is to start calling lawyers in the Minneapolis area--many are on this list--and start getting quotes. Many lawyers charge a lot of different amounts. Some charge low fees to be competitive, some charge higher fees because they have a lot of experience. It really ranges from lawyer to lawyer because there is not set fee structure


Hello. First, you ought not post details of your legal issues online, because your statements may be used against you. It is against the rules here for attorneys to post fee information. Attorney fees will vary due to many factors. Based on what you stated in your post, I urge you to make arrangements with a private attorney for legal counsel and legal advice right away, now, today. Some attorneys are available seven days for emergency legal needs. Many attorneys will confer initially at no charge. Then, if legal work is performed, some attorneys will provide a reduced fee for financial hardship. Some attorneys may also assist you in limited scope manner to conserve legal costs. All the best.

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Any good lawyer will offer a free consult before determining a fee. Fees are also negotiable and any lawyer will take into account your ability to pay and over what time frame.