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How much are court costs in Huntsville, Alabama for a criminal defense case.

Madison, AL |

the charge is possession of marijuana 2nd degree misdemeanor, I was just wondering how much normal court costs and all fees would be for this. Any rough estimate is good.

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Hopefully zero - if your retain a good criminal attorney & the facts of your case provide a defense to the charge. Consult immediately with a local AL criminal attorney - worth the price. Many offer free initial consultations. Good luck

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It rally depends if you get a fine or not. Costs are about $220.00 plus fines. Sometimes extra fees are added. They will give you time to pay. You also lose your license.

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Court costs are going to be between $200 & $300 plus a bail bond fee of about $100. The problem is if you get convicted you will receive a healthy fine on top of this plus you will lose your driver's license for 6 months. Also, there are fees associated with being on probation, etc. It may be tempting to go in to court alone vs. paying a lawyer to help you. A good lawyer will probably put you in position of paying for his services with the money he saves you on fines, fees and costs. On top of that, you may avoid a conviction. Good luck!