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How might one go about attaining emancipation from their parents as a minor?

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I am currently sixteen years of age, nearing the age of seventeen and have come out to be bisexual to my parents roughly a year ago. They, upon finding out, were extremely violent and have fit the term of abusive rather fully since, being both physical and neglectful to my care. I would, therefore, appreciate the opportunity to became legally emancipated from their care. Despite this, I don't know what to expect if I were to go down this path, or who I can speak to reasonably in order to make it happen while keeping myself safe.

I have been threatened if I were to go to anyone about it, and my parents have also threatened to send me to Youth Detention Center for the fact of being bisexual alone. What organizations or groups may I contact? What can I expect, afterwards?

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This link lays it all out for you. I would also advise you to contact the legal aid society in your area. Start with


The link provided by Mr. Williams sums it up.

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Williams laid it out well.

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I would add that the judges in this area will look heavily into your employment situation and your ability to live on your own and support yourself. I have taken calls from minors in the past who wanted to seek emancipation but had no job and were planning on crashing at a friends and that, almost always, won't fly when you get in front of a judge.

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