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How might burglary charges be reduced?

Hazlehurst, GA |

My son turned 17 on 4-27-13. Sometimes in 6-13 him and 4 other guys were shooting ball at HS gym. They left gym and found door open to school and went in with heads covered with shirts. On camera running through the school going in and out of classes. He picked bag in library which had a camera in it and other guy picked up on that had a camcorder. Left school with it. Next day, the other guys got their cousin to pawn only the camera b/c camcorder didn't have power cord. Cops found out this month b/c guy who pawned it got locked up for other charges which led back to the 5 students. My son is facing burglary 2nd degree and is a first time offender. Never been in any trouble in and out of school. Would have been starting in FB this senior year and never been retained. Pretty much good kids.

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There is a chance that your sons charges can be reduced, but it really depends on where he has to go to court. Some courts have pre trial diversion options, others require that your son work something out with the prosecution, all depends on the facts of the case. You should at least talk with an attorney and get a free consultation.

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He is facing serious felony charges that usually involve prison time. I would strongly recommend hiring an attorney. It might be possible to work out a reduction or probation with the DA but you need a lawyer to help.