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How many years of prison time can a person In NC get for 14‑100. Obtaining property by false pretenses.

Mount Airy, NC |

I am asking for someone else. I dont know the details, just the charge. and an additional charge of Felony of stolen goods to go along with the 14‑100. Obtaining property by false pretenses.
The person in question does not have a clean record and is currently on probation and has 21 other charges mostly misdemeanors, except 1 more felony of posession of stolen firearm which isnt related to the present new charges of the " felony of stolen goods and the 14‑100. Obtaining property by false pretenses.

so i would think he would be getting prison time......

His 18 prior charges are bound over to superior court which one of those is the stolen firearm and 2 counts of driving on revoked licence and many many more charges........but once they soon will be heard and no more continuances whatever comes of that i do not know.......but even if he gets probation............i am asking if the 2 NEW felonys the Class C Felony of stolen goods and the Class C obtaining property under false pretense would he most likely go to prison?

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Felonious Possession of Stolen Goods is a Class H, not a Class C felony. For someone with the worst possible record, a Class H can carry up to 39 months in prison. Obtaining Property by False Pretenses is usually also a Class H felony. If the property is worth $100,000 for more, however, the case does become a Class C, making it punishable by up to 231 months in prison (19 years, 3 months).

In your question, you mention that all of the defendant's cases are moving to Superior Court. That implies that he has not been convicted of any of them. If that is correct, his record could potentially be clean (free of convictions as the time that he was charged with the felonies about which you are asking). In that case the potential punishment would be significantly reduced.

The defendant is facing very serious charges and would benefit from the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney. I urge him to contact someone as soon as possible for advice specific to his case. Click on this link for more on defending against serious felony charges:

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