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How many years is the male facing when he is being charge 215.51 FE (criminal contempt-1st E Felony)?

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I have several cases with a defendant on domestic violence. I have drop all several cases in the past. I have a order of protection at this moment. An we have 3 present cases. One that is going on in court and the second one he just got arrested for yesterday and the third one he didnt get charge for yet. The one he got arrested for yesterday he being for 215.51 FE (criminal Contempt - 1st E felony). What is the penalty for that? And can the D A lower the charges. Instead of years can he get a certain amount of time program. He don't need to do years in jail, he need a program like a domestic violence program. All three cases is taken place in kings.

taken place in kings criminal court.

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It all depends on his criminal history. If he has been convicted of a felony in the past his minimum sentence is 1 1/3 to 3 years and the maximum is 2 to 4 years. if he does not have a prior felony conviction in the past then years then jail is no madatory. The district attorney can reduce the charge to an attempt which make it an "A" misdemeanor.


In cases such as this, most of the time, there is a plea bargain offered by the DA's office so that he will be required to plead guilty to a lesser crime, such as a Misdemeanor instead of a felony. However, as the first answer noted, if he has a prior criminal history, then it could mean he's going to do some time for what he's done - if he did it and it can be proven.

The DA's office will also often offer a Program as you put it and that could save him from doing any time as well.

Otherwise, an "E" Felony carries up to 4 yrears in jail or as little as 5 years probation.

Good luck.