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How many years I have to paid child support?

Cherry Hill, NJ |
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Your child of age 22 may be emancipated soon. The remainders have years left, anywhere between 6-20 years, depending on college attendance.

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If there are special needs issues it is even possible that the answer is "no limit" for one ore more of them, and college years may be covered as well, beyond age 21.

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There is no specific end date that a lawyer can provide you. Every case is fact sensitive depending on the circumstances of a particular child. For example, a disabled child may never be emancipated. However, your child support may be offset by government benefits that the child receives. I suggest you consult with an experienced family law attorney to discuss your situation, especially with regards to the 22 year old. It could be that the 22 year old may already be considered emancipated.


I agree with my colleague, Mr. Fradkin. Although there is pending legislation in NJ (S-1046) which would provide automatic termination of child support when a child turns age 19 (with several exceptions of course), this bill has not yet become the law in NJ. Your best bet at this point would be to consult with an experienced family law attorney as to whether or not your 22-year-old should be emancipated and follow the changes in NJ law regarding your other children.

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