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How many years do you get for credit card fraud and bank fraud in the state of South Carolina?

Myrtle Beach, SC |

I was wondering how long someone will get for 5 counts of credit card fraud and 1 count of bank fraud? I know a person who is being charged with all 6 counts. Is the bank fraud a federal offense? What class of felonies are these? She has a previous record of 4 class c felonies of fraud in the state of Indiana, about 10 years back. Any information would be helpfull. Thank you.

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Your question involves information which you have not made known or made clear. The main consideration for jail sentencing in SC is the monetary amount of the crime. Also, where multiple counts are involved, a judge has the option of making the sentences consecutive or concurrent (all added up together or all commencing at the same time and running together at the same time). For example, two consecutive 5 year sentences would be a total of 10 years but 2 concurrent five year sentences would result in only five years of jail time to be served. Also, you do not say whether the prior record consists of four convictions at diferent times or for 4 convictions arising out of the same course of events. It is important that you know that this class of crimes is considered enhancement crimes. Meaning that subsequent offenses of the same crime can result in higher sentences. (i.e., a DUI 2d carries a heavier penalty than a DUI 1st). Whether or not the case is in state or federal court is also applicable due to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the information relating to the present crime and the prior crimes.

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