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How many votes is each share holder entitled to when voting on a merger?

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If you can give me an example with MetroPCS

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It depends in the terms of the shares. As a *very* general rule, each shareholder gets 1 vote per share. If you own 100 shares, you get 100 votes -- and if you own 10 million shares, you get 10 million votes.

But there are companies, including Facebook and Comcast, that are set up to give the founders super-control. So Mark Zuckerberg gets a lot more than 1 vote per share, and he never has to worry about getting out-voted by Facebook's stockholders.

If it's a public company, you should be able to find the exact answer in its filings with the SEC. Look for a section called, "Description of Securities" or "Description of Shares."



In which form do I look for Description of Securities" or "Description of Shares."?

David Lynn Morehous

David Lynn Morehous


The best forms are S-3 and S-1. If the company's filed a Form 10 - not 10-K or 10-Q - that will have it, too (but Form 10s are usually filed by very small companies that aren't on Nasdaq or NYSE). You may find it in the last proxy statement for the annual meeting - look for "DEF14A."


In a corporation, the voting rights are usually set forth in the bylaws. There may be multiple classes of shares, some common, some preferred, and it is permitted that different classes of shares may have different that 1:1 voting rights per unit.

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