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How many times can I visit the US with the B2 visa?

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I have B2 visa on my passport and the visa is valid for 10 years. At the consulate they told me that when I'll arrive in the US the B2 visa allows me to stay 6 months (if the visa officer agree).
But I have a question: how many time can I enter in the US with the B2 visa in a year and in the future?
In the future, if I would like to come again in the US for more than 90 days, do I have to re-apply for the B2 visa or it is still valid?
And how many time can I stay in the US for each visit?

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Those who abuse their visitor visa may not get an extension on their B-2 visa stamp in the future. A B-2 is to visit the U.S. There are many ways that foreigners 'abuse' their B-2 visas. The visitor must leave or file for extension before I-94 expiration.

B-2 visa holders 'cannot' lawfully enter to live and work with their B-2 visa. They cannot 'enter' with the intent to immigrate for the purposes of the visit. Criminal arrests and convictions can complicate or stop a B-2 visa visit. For more information, use the link, below.

Other reasons for the stop a visit are contained in Section 212 of the Immigration Act. A six month extension request may complicate matters; it should be carefully considered before filing.

Excessively long and repeated stays on a regular basis 'may' result in a B-2 visa cancellation . If you are finished with your vacation, but really want to stay contact an experienced immigration attorney, if necessary. Perhaps, it is unwise to extend. Those whose visitors visas are cancelled. A cancellation may stop someone from ever getting another non-immigrant visa, among other immigration benefits.

If you can only afford to visit the U.S. for two to four weeks at a time, without losing your job, then consider using meaningful and reasonable limitations. This will depend upon the situation.

If you have the opportunity to visit your children, friends or family for extended time periods, then intend to return home before the form I-94 expires. Otherwise, the law may obligate CBP to cancel your visitor visa. Hopefully, CBP will not accuse you of committing fraud if you intended to immigrant for the purpose of the visit, but lied about it.

If you did not know what could have happened, then consider yourself lucky. If you did enter to immigrate, but CBP officials did not bother to go into detailed questioning, then consider yourself lucky. You may have been excluded. The DHS has to make difficult decisions in an effort to enforce the law.

If it is determined that you lied to the USCIS, then the CBP 'may' also issue what is called a summary exclusion order. The airline will have to make room for those with cancelled visas or summary exclusion orders to return to the departure point outside the U.S. in some situations.

When it doubt, seek legal advice from a candid and experienced immigration attorney.

The above is general information and does not create an attorney-client relationship.


This is a multiple entry visa. You can leave and come back usually as many times as you want but there are few limitations. One of them is if you keep going back and forth without good reason, they can revoke the visa. It is quite discretionary. You do not have to go for a visa stamp every time you come in. Note that a valid visa does not guarantee entry in the US.

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True, the B-2 visa stamp in question is valid for ten years unless cancelled. When the B-2 expires, foreigners may want to renew it unless they successfully immigrate to the U.S. True, repeated trips for tourism/visitation do not require additional B-2 visa stamps in this situation. Just the potential future desire to renew a B-2 visa.

If B-2 renewal is desired in ten years, then the entry and exit stamps in your passport, along with any electronic record of I-94 extensions, can be evaluated at that time. Thus, the concern for possible renewal issues for repetitive visitors.

Those who have repeated and numerous long stays take risks. Some B-2 visitors may try to spend most or the majority of their ten year B-2 period in the U.S. with two week to one month stays outside the U.S. between visits. This tends to confirm visa abuse, creates reasonable concern, and possible yet unpredictable future B-2 visa cancellation or denial.

In the interim, if a I-94 extension of B-2 status for an additional 180 days is denied, then a future visit within a year of the denial can jeopardize B-2 visa rights. Those who are thinking about an extension should have a reasonable explanation and significant funds or a well documented means of support.

A B-2 visa stamp may be cancelled or denied, among other detrimental and potentially serious consequences. This can occur where a CBP official at an airport or consular officials asks further questions and has reason to believe that the visitor visa is/was being abused.

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