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How many students can be in a resource room setting before a teacher's aide is required by law?

Hamburg, NJ |

I just need to know this information, but can't find it.

PS Could there be 10 or more students w/o a teacher's aide in the resource room? The students all have behavior, emotional, and learning disabilities. They are not autistic or severely retarded, but some of them are on probation with the police. It's a difficult group, and I think there should be more adults with them. I wanted to know if the LAW backs me up. This is too much for one teacher to handle! Thanks!

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I'd have to research this issue carefully and understand the situation in this particular resource room, but I don't believe there is a set number under the law. It is more an analysis of the needs of the classroom and the students. For example, if you have severely autistic kids, you may need an aide at 2 or 3 students; if you have students with only mild needs, you may not need an aide until the class gets to 5 or 6. So it depends.

You should consult with an attorney to assure that the school district has put in place the appropriate resources for the kids.

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