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How many Motions can I file before the Court gets angry?

Dover, NH |

I filed an ex parte motion the day after my appearance was entered three weeks ago. Two days ago I filed a Notice of Intent to Motion, a change of address and phone notice, a Motion to Continue a case manager conference (which was granted yesterday), and an objection to the other party's weak Motion (that got denied :). Now, I am looking to file a Motion in Limine, Motion to Strike (improperly filed and irrelevant document), AND I need to file some sort of Motion for an expedited order granting me immediate possession of my car (spouse took it from me one day...). So, If I file all these motions on one day (because I have to rent a car to drive over an hour to the Court) are the clerks and Judges going to think I'm crazy? All these motions are warranted, believe me. Thanks!

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You need to hire an attorney. I have seen many, many cases where strategies like this (multiple, repeated pleadings that you feel are justified but may well not actually be necessary) just blow up on the pro se litigant. For example, why would you file a Motion in Limine? These are typically done to prevent specific information from improperly getting to a jury. Family law cases are all tried to a judge or marital master, who will give the evidence the appropriate weight.



Thank you so much. I have since spoken to one, and although I am on a somewhat correct path, both strike and limine are a little too law and order for this little case. I just have to hope the judge sees its irrelevant information. Now I just need to know how to remove the document on file and replace it with the correct one. Motion to remove and replace?

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