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How many hours constitutes a day in jail time served if you are a weekend inmate serving for a DUI offense.

Mckinney, TX |
Attorney answers 3


24 hours. Prosecutors have started sentencing to hours so you only get credit for actual hours you spent in jail.

Edward J. Blum


One day in jail is given credit for 24 consecutive hours.


It really does depend on what county jail we are talking about. Contrary to what Mr. Blum reports, Travis County gives credit for any part of one day spent in Travis County Jail. For example, if you had two days to do and turned yourself in at 11PM and stayed in past midnight, you would be credited for 2 actual days.

I'd recommend talking to your attorney who represented you (or the jail itself) to get more specific information for the county you're going to serve time in.

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My little brother was told he's looking at two years in in prison, but has been in jail for three months. Does any jail time he served counts for that?