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How many habitual laws are there and what sentences do they carry?

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I know there is a little habitual and a big habitual-is it true that the first carries a 10-25 year sentence and the second is 25-life? Also, I heard there was a middle habitual that carries an 8 to 12 year term, but I have never heard that before so I wondered if there really is such a thing?

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Depending on the circumstances and the person's record, there are several possible terms under habitual: 5-20 years, 10-25 years, 10 to life, and life without parole. The "little" habitual is 5-20 and the "big" habitual is the 10+ or life without... the 8-12 probably refers in some way to the "little" habitual, although 8-20 (and not 8-12) is the max there.


The statutute only allows the State to enhance a sentence beginning at 10-25 years or from 25 to life depending on the criminal history. The range of 8-12 years appears to be the range fora guilty plea to the pending charge as there is no "middle" habitual treatment.

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