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How many district attorneys are there in a courthouse?

Los Angeles, CA |

I was under the impression there was only one per courthouse along with many prosecutors.

Can a D.A. handling a case be switched in the middle of a case or even a prosecutor?

I was under the impression the D.A. was in charge of the prosecutors

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There are usually many Deputy District Attorneys or prosecutors (a district attorney is a prosecutor). Normally if there was only one in a courthouse it would be a really small town or small courthouse. Many large cities/counties have over a hundred Deputy District Attorneys/prosecutors working in many different divisions (based on types of crimes, locations, etc). A case can be switched to a different District Attorney or prosecutor - it happens all the time.


There is only District Attorney in L.A. County. He has many Deputy District Attorneys that prosecute the cases. A prosecutor and a District Attorney or Deputy District Attorney are one and the same. Most courts in L.A. have many prosecutors / Deputy District Attorney.

The prosecutors can switch in the middle of a case...just like a defendant can hire a new defense attorney if they want.

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