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How many days of bereavement are allowed and are they paid?

Dallas, TX |

Are employers required to pay you for three days of bereavement for immediate family members that pass away?
I ask because my former employer paid for 3 days of bereavement and any extra time taken was vacation time or unpaid time off that was approved by your boss. My current company just pays for one day of bereavement. Does it depend on the size of the company or am I being cheated out of my law giving bereavement days. Can you please clarify.

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According to the Texas C-BAR's Nonprofit Guide to Employment Law Issues in Texas (see link below), there is no law requiring employers in Texas to provide bereavement leave. This does not surprise me: Sick leave and bereavement leave policies are usually left up to individual employers in most states.

But I don't practice law in Texas, so don't take what I say here as legal advice. It's just my two cents on your question in light of general principles of law. If you need legal advice, please consult a lawyer who holds Texas licensure. That's not me.

Good luck.

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