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How many days in advance of a hearing do papers need to be served?

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I happened to notice a couple weeks ago that there is a calendered event for my case, scheduled for Dec. 15. It appears to be a request for Attorney Fees from my husband. However, he has yet to serve me with the papers for this hearing. When is he required to serve me the papers by? I saw that for Orders to Show Cause, the fine print says that I am supposed to serve a Responsive Declaration at least 9 days before the hearing. So, it seems to me that he should also give me AT LEAST 9 days.

Thank you.

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He is required to give you 16 court days notice, plus 5 days if service by mail.

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Notice requirements vary. If the paperwork actually says you are to receive 9 days, then you should have at least that amount of time. You may also be entitled to an extra 5 days for mailing depending upon the circumstances.


The notice of a hearing must be sent to you and filed at least 16 court days (not calendar days) before the date of the hearing. Perhaps your copy was lost in the mail and you should ask the other side to fax or email you a copy, so you have that and can oppose. Otherwise, go to the court and get a copy from the court's case file for your case. You have nine court days before the hearing to file opposition, which you should not only mail, but also serve by fax or simply overnight it.