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How many days do you have in the State of California, LA County to respond (Family Law) to discovery interrogatories?

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Pursuant to the California Code of Civil Procedure ("CCP") section 2030.260 (a) "Within 30 days after service of interrogatories, the party to whom the interrogatories are propounded shall serve the original of the response to them on the propounding party. . ."
The general rule is that you have 30 days to respond, unless you were served with the interrogatories by mail, then pursuant to CCP 1013(a) the time within which to respond is extended by five days if the interrogatories were mailed to you in the State of California, if they were mailed to you outside of the State of California then the time to respond is extended by 10 days.
Also, keep in mind that CCP section 2030.270 allows for the parties to agree to an extension of time as long as the agreement is reduced to writing. If you do not believe that you can respond within the appropriate time period ask the opposing party, in writing, for a reasonable extension of time. Such a request will almost always be granted.



Opposing counsel served me with interrogatories because I refused to waive the default in my favor. Hearing for child support, spousal support and attorney fees are scheduled this week.


If you were served with the interrogatories read the first page carefully, as it includes instructions and the deadline to respond. You have thirty days. You may want to consider turning around and sending a set of interrogatories back to the party that served you. You can download the form from the internet. Your local Family Law Facilitator or clerk's office may also have the forms.

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30 days plus 5 for mailing