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How long would i have to spend in jail for 2 traffic tickets out of arlington texas for dwls and no seat belt

Arlington, TX |

i have several dwls on my record and first no seat belt ever it was i had automatic seat belt and it broke im 6 months pregnant and was wondering how long i would have to sit in the city jail for theses two traffic warrants from 2009?

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I can't remember how much arlington give you credit for per day. Somewhere between $50-$100 per day.

But you're only going to dig a bigger hole for you with more surcharges if you sit it out. You really should get deferred and keep it off your record. You are eventually going to end up with a Class B misdmeanor for DWLS and end up in the county jail if you take convictions on the Class C DWLS cases.

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Andrew Garcia Jr.

Andrew Garcia Jr.


And I can't say how long you would stay in jail because I would need to know how much the judgment would be.