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How long would a person have to file a legal malpractice lawsuit

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regretfully the disposition date on my moms case was 06/23/2011. due to me being in Puerto rico from the end of 2011 until Feb of this year and my moms inability to understand law and the proceeding and the time tables into locking in to pursuing other avenues in to ones case everything just was left unattended and she lost a lot of her rights and avenues that could of been pursued. i studied civil and tort laws so i pretty much understand but one will never know enough about law because it has many avenues and many interpretations and perceptions. so i am open to any and all suggestions in seeking some type of justice for this fragile but will to fight 86 year old.

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You can certainly have a local lawyer investigate


You do not really provide a timeline here or facts that that are easily understandable. It is not understood what you mean by a disposition date, if her case was ever started, and if it was started, if it was dismissed.


There are many reasons a legal malpractice case may survive despite the "disposition date" of 6/23/11. Without writing several paragraphs on this very complicated issue i suggest you consult a legal malpractice lawyer( blue link below) immediately as time is certainly working against you. If the attorney client relationship continued, if your mom had no reason to know of the legal malpractice or if there was fraud are only a few situations where the case may still survive.


I agree with Mr. Fisher, there are many reasons a case may survive beyond 2 years. Incompetence and the discovery rule (statute runs from the date of the discovery of the malpractice) come to mind. You need to contact a malpractice attorney to present the facts and make a determination.

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