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How long will this workers comp investigator watch me?

Stockbridge, GA |

its been 4 weeks now.does that mean he still has nothing?or does it mean he is doing a complete investigation?how does this work?..................if he catches you working would it be over then?

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If you are receiving income benefits for not working, it would not be good.

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More informaiton is needed to answer your question. Are you talking about surveillance? It is unlikely that an insurer will put surveillance on you for 4 weeks straight. Costs them too much. Usually they allow 2-3 days at a time. They might repeat that if they think they have a really good reason to watch you. It's very unlikely that they will pay investigators to watch you for a month straight though. Costs them about $500-600 a day to put surveillance on someone.

If you mean, on the other hand, that you got hurt and are waiting on a decision from an adjuster as to whether or not they are going to accept your claim as compensable, four weeks is a long time. Generally speaking, they have 21 days from the date they have notice of a claim to decide whether to pay it or not. If it's been longer than that and you still aren't getting medical treatment or other benefits, call a lawyer.

Your question makes me wonder if you are working while getting comp checks. If you are, then you could be commiting a crime each week you cash the WC checks. In this case also, call a lawyer.



no im not at just saying do they continue until they film something to hold against you?i have been noticing a black taho accross the street for i know 4 follows me,i called the cops on him yesterday and now he is gone.

Charles C. Hamilton

Charles C. Hamilton


Well, they CAN continue to film until they feel like they have something, but I think it's very unlikely that they're paying an investigator to sit outside your house for 4 weeks in a row. Not impossible, but very unlikely. If it is actually a private investigator that is outside your house, then you're talking about $10,000 worth of surveillance on the low end. It certainly can be that they are tailing you, and you need to be aware of that, but this would be an extreme case of surveillance. Chuck ______________________ Charles C. Hamilton, P.C. (770) 951-5444


PIs are very expensive so usually they will only put them on you a couple of days at a time and then only a few times over the course of a claim unless you have really made them mad or unless they really suspect you of some sort of fraudulent activity.


If you were caught working, it would not be over. However, if you are receiving weekly checks, you are receiving them to replace your lost wages. If you are, in fact, working, you would be committing insurance fraud and you should tell your attorney,if you have one.

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