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How long will they hold you after bein arrested for a domestic violence charge in the state of florida?

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he got arrested last night for a domestic violence charge and i just want to know how long will they hold him before they let him go. And if the person that called the police on him dont want to press charges

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He will see a magistarte hearing and provided that he is otherwise eligible for bond then a bond will be set. Bond is always higher on domestic violence charges. In addition, yje person that called the police is only a witness and has absolutely no standing to press or not press charges. That is enirely the State's perogative.

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Generally, he will appear at first appearance the next morning, which would be today. Ultimately, the State does not just automatically dismiss the charges because someone calls and says they do not want to press charges. I strongly advise you to retain an attorney to assist whoever was arrested, if you believe the charges should be dropped. My firm is located in Tampa and offers free case consultations. Our office number is 813-830-2261. Good luck.

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At least 24 hours or until first appearance.

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It depends on whether he is RORed or given a bond. ROR means Release on his own Recognizance. If he is RORed, he can be released after the bond hearing/first appearance. If he is given a bond, he will need to post the bond before being released. I have worked with people in your position to assist the arrestee in getting out of jail and also in seeing the case through to a dismissal. You can contact me at my office in Tampa at 813-225-2695.


He will be "held" until he bonds out. His bond will be set by a judge who will look at the facts and see how serious the charge is. The person who called the police is a witness and does not get to decide if the case will be prosecuted. However that person may have something to say about it. I do not recommend he or she make statements to the prosecutor without consulting a lawyer.


He will receive a bond and then he will have to bond out in order to be released. If he can't afford the bond, he will need an attorney to file a bond reduction motion for him. Feel free to contact my office if you need assistance in this matter.