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How long will someone typically spend in jail waiting for a court date for a probation violation in Granbury, Texas?

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My fiance was arrested in Hood County today for missing 2 of his probation meetings. He is on probation due to a DWI he received last September. The probation officer told me after they arrested him that his bond is set at $5,000, but noone is going to bond him out. So how long will he probably sit waiting on a court date? The guards at the jail told him he will sit 2-4 months just for the court date but that sounds a little long to me.

It is a Class B misdemeanor according to the papers he got from court. I have 2 baby girls and not a whole lot of money so I need to know what might happen without a lawyer, and what might happen with a lawyer. But my big question is is it possible he will sit 2 to 4 months waiting on a court date?

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There is not enough information here to answer your question. There are just too many variables. A DWI can range from as low as a Class B misdemeanor to a Felony depending on the circumstances of the arrest, your fiance's past, and the facts of the case. However, you should understand how a lawyer could help your fiance. A lawyer could get a court date set and argue for a lower bond. He could then argue that your fiance should receive less time in jail and be put back on probation. A good lawyer should be able to limit the time your fiance spends in jail. Good luck.

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Assuming that your fiance is indigent (generally - does not own any property and cannot hire his own attorney), then he can send a letter to the court asking that a lawyer be appointed and requesting that his case be set for a hearing. Under the law, the court is supposed to schedule a hearing within 20 days of a written request, but subject to the court's docket.

This may or may not be a good idea. If your fiance is a first offender for DWI, then the most he is looking at on a probation revocation is 6 months in jail. If he is a subsequent offender, then it could be more time.

If he truly believes that he will sit in jail as he was told by the jailers, then I would request a hearing knowing (as a first offender on a Class B misdemeanor) that the maximum time in jail is 6 months. (Note - he will also lose his driver's license.)

Most lawyers would not charge for a short telephone consultation. You should call a local lawyer and ask for advise on what to do. (Generally lesser experienced lawyers are more willing to help, and will quote a significantly lower fee that you may be able to afford.)