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How long will it take till the initial review is done for the I-130 paperwork from the USCIS?

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Wife is in Bangladesh. I applied on December 2012. Just received a RECEIPT number and that is it. I am curious to know when I will get any update from USCIS. How long will it take before my wife can actually come to the US dating from December 2012? Does it matter that I was BORN as a US Citizen or is that irrelevant?

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It sure does matter. If everything is properly done, the I-130 will be approved in 5-6 months and case will go to the National Visa Center for consular processing. From there again if everything done properly another few months until her interview. It is best to work with an attorney to make sure things are done correctly.

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Barring any obstacles in total until her interview at the embassy in Dhaka usually 1 year. 6 months for I-130; 2-3 NVC; Then await appointment for interview in Dhaka. Hire counsel to help you.


The entire process takes about one year. Whether you are a native-born or a naturalized citizen does not affect the timing.

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The visa petition must first be approved at USCIS. If documentation to help prove your marriage is missing, then the USCIS may issue a request for evidence. This can delay the matter, but by how much time is unclear.

Once the visa petition is approved, you must be careful to watch for an e-mail from the National Visa Center. This e-mail will provide instructions on how to pay and file your consular processing documents. At times, applicants may have trouble proving that their spouses are eligible and have all documents needed to process their I-130 visa. As a result, it may take a bit longer than a year.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time during the process, then I recommend that you schedule any appointment with a competent and experienced immigration attorney. At times, the USCIS makes oversights and the processing of an immdiately relative visa may not be so immediate. Good luck.

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