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How long will it take for the emancipation process to go through completely and I be "legally emancipated"?

Penhook, VA |

I am 16 years old, and I would be getting married either before or after I get emancipated; depending on if my parents will sign marriage papers or not. I have completed high-school already and received my diploma, and have been enrolled in a collage; also with online classes. My fiance is in the air force, and I would be living on base with him. Also I would have a part time job wherever he gets based at. My parents do not abuse me in any shape or form, they give me everything and are wonderful. My reason for seeking emancipation is simple; I have completed high-school, and I want to move on and start my own life. I know life is rough and I know I can get through anything.

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If you file a petition it is possible (depending on how backed-up the Court is) to have your declaration of emancipation in hand within three months, as long as your parents are in favor of this. The petition is filed with the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court where you reside.

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