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How long will it take for points to show up on your driving record after pleading guilty to a traffic violation?

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I recently just hit the 6 point mark and had to take a special point written exam. After receiving notification of my 6 points and before i even took the exam, i received another violation for running a stop sign. If this violation occurred before i took the exam would that still count as a second accumulation of 6 points? I pleaded guilty to the citation about two weeks ago, and it still has not shown up on my driving record?

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Yes. It will count as a second violation. Better get out of that ticket.

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You should have never pled guilty to that new charge. It will impact your license. You should consider retaining a lawyer and taking a summary appeal. You only have 30 Days to appeal. I'm sure the attorney will be able to negotiate a non point violation.


Yes. Immediately talk to a lawyer about filing a summary appeal of the citation you pled guilty to about 2 weeks ago - you only have 30 days from the date of conviction to file an appeal, so time is running out.
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I agree with my colleagues. Taking an appeal in order to have the points removed is your only option at this point. You need to consult an attorney. You typically have only 30 days from the date of the conviction to file appeal

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