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How long will it take for my fiance to legally come to the US after we get married in Mexico & can I bring his kids?

Findlay, OH |

My fiance and I plan on getting married in Mexico next year. I wanted to know after I apply for paper work how long will it take for him to legally enter the US and what paper work do I need to file (apply for first). Also, he has 2 kids that were abanded by their mother and I would like to bring them here, is that possible, and what would I need from their mother to get them here. He lives in Mexico now, I am good friends with his sister thats how we met.

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The answer to your question is not immediately available. You have not identified whether or not your fiance has been in the U.S., if he's been ordered removed, accrued unlawful presence, or if he has any kind of criminal record. These types of issues will slow down the process as waivers may be needed. Hire an attorney to represent you and your fiance through this process.

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