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How long will it take for me to receive child support and will he have to pay back child support to me?

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My baby's father quit his job and went into hiding when he got served papers from child support. I found out he has a job now. I gave child support the information. I also told them he is living with his girlfriend. I work full time. The father wants nothing to do with my daughter or to help out with her. Is there anything more I can do that I haven't already done. My daughter is 10 months old.

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Sometimes it can take them a couple of months to get going. But you're owed from the date support was first ordered, and if there's an outstanding balance due, then you'll receive an additional payment (I think about 10% per month) until that arrears is satisfied.

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The Department of Justice, Child Support Division, provides a great deal of assistance to parents who are owed support. If the child's father is working, and you have notified the Department of Justice, then it is extremely likely that the DOJ will initiate wage withholding in the very near future. Employers in the state of Oregon are required to abide by these orders; they can sometimes take a little while to set up. In addition to having to pay each pay period towards arrears (I believe an additional 20% over and above the monthly award can be collected towards arrears), it is possible that the father will have to pay for some costs associated with pre and post natal care (depending on when his paternity of the child was established). Don't be shy about making sure you stay on top of the DOJ case worker; the DOJ folks are really great, but they have very heavy case loads.