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How long will a person go to jail or prison for armed robbery if it his first offense and has no other record?

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There is many things that go into sentencing. I'd have to take a look at your file to be able to tell you the length of time you would be looking at.

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If he pled guilty, under the eyes of the law and the judge he "did it." Acceptance of responsibly will likely impact how much time he does. His sentence will also depend on what his sentencing guideline scoring is. Do you have that info?


Armed robbery carries life or any term of years, and has a mandatory minimum of 1 year that the judge by statute cannot go below. In most cases the sentence would be determined by the scoring of the sentencing guidelines, which take into account the offender's past record if any, and which gives points for various factors relating to the crime, such as whether a firearm was discharged, or a person injured, etc.

The best way to get no time on the case is to get found not guilty. If he did not commit the crime then he should have a reasonable chance of achieving a not guilty verdict.

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